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Founded in 2002, ORB's decision to become Owner's Representatives, Construction Managers and Program Managers was based on the fact that traditional project delivery methods were not always in the best interest of the Owners' or Clients' long-term facility goals and were becoming obsolete. Our intent is to combine the best practices available in the industry with emerging technologies, strategic professional resources and a far deeper understanding of the Client's needs.

ORB's professionals navigate the planning and implementation processes on your behalf - representing the financial, operational and strategic goals of the organization. There is no way to avoid making decisions at any phase of a project - which is often difficult when coordinating a broad group of stakeholders. By using a disciplined approach to analyze early conceptual designs and budgets, ORB's role is to guide Clients through an informed decision making process, one which ensures Clients will avoid making risky decisions with potentially costly consequences. There is no magic or scientific process for Clients - we simply boil it down to good listening skills.

Because decisions are crucial, ORB establishes a cohesive, core team which expands and contracts accordingly as each Client undertakes one or more projects. All members of the team are empowered to offer their unique insight and expertise. Collaborative conceptualization and planning lend themselves to powerful solutions. The end result - high quality decision making, unified goals and zero disruptions.

We do not stand on operational or technical competencies alone. ORB's professionals rely on insights gained through active listening and from forward thinking solutions. Combined with our Core Values and underlying principle - do the right thing - we deliver more than professional services - ORB delivers on our commitment to creating an incomparable Client Experience every time we work with you.

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ORB Managment

Client Experience Model:

As a client advocate, we are here to listen - in particular we place emphasis on listening to seek a better understanding rather than just listening to solve.

At ORB, our PEOPLE set out to work cohesively with a multitude of project partners toward the fulfillment of the Client's goal. We are motivated and inspired by the unique contribution each team member brings to the project. Our values are clearly and consistently evident through our attitude as well as our actions. The Client Experience is paramount to our success. Our employees, contractors, partners and vendors are selected to become members of this team knowing that anything short of outstanding is not acceptable to ORB.

Client Experience Model
Owner's Representation

Owner's Representation:

An Owner's Representative protects the interests of the Owner from an objective and independent key coordination role to ensure that all members of the project team are working toward a common goal. Project participants cannot objectively assess their own performance & contributions nor can they manage the activities of other members of the same project team, but an OR can. In short, although a Client has the ability to recruit an impressive group of soloists, someone is still needed to conduct the orchestra.

Including the role of the Owner's Representative is an investment that pays for itself. ORB's knowledge of the design and construction processes means you will receive solutions that are both creative and practical. Project partners will be uniquely balanced due to the fact that the value engineering and constructability review will be the responsibility of ORB's OR and will be handled in an unbiased manner. Our Owner's Representation gives you the time and peace of mind to run your own business while knowing your investment is being safely guarded and the independent technical contributors are being coordinated in the most efficient manner.

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Construction Management:

Construction Management is a professional management practice applied to construction projects from project inception to completion for purposes of controlling schedule, cost, scope and quality. In short, the Construction Manager manages resources - time, money, labor and materials. This function is typically finite and differs from Program Management on that very point.

When you choose to engage ORB as your Construction Manager early in the planning process you receive the benefits of disciplined analysis which will translate the design documents into a physical structure - identifying opportunities to value engineer specified systems and finishes that will ultimately impact operational performance. You will also have a strong leader and communicator who serves as an advocate throughout the bidding, contracting, construction and turn-over phases of the project. ORB's processes are continually fine-tuned to provide the most efficient and innovative practices utilized in construction.

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Construction Management
Program Management

Program Management:

Program Management is the practice of professional Construction Management applied to a capital improvement program of one or more projects from inception to completion. Comprehensive Construction Management systems are used to integrate the different facets of the construction process including - planning, design, procurement, construction and commissioning - for the purposes of providing standardized technical and management expertise on each project. In short, the Program Manager manages the decision making process while integrating your long-term capital, facility and operational goals with the expertise provided by numerous design and construction partners.

Choosing ORB as your Program Manager gives you access to professionals who have strategic capabilities which bridge capital investment and operational goals to planning, design and construction implementation. Whether a rigorous expansion plan with numerous concurrent projects or proceeding with a complex capstone investment years in development or methodically executing a 5 to ten year capital improvement plan, ORB's professionals will be a resource for feasibility & analytics, communication, coordination, and assume responsibility for managing both resources and relationships necessary to achieve your goals.

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